About The Fourth Month

The Fourth Month is a blog for anyone with a love of books or an interest in the publishing industry.

The Fourth Month: April Smyth

I’m April. This is my blog and that’s me above.

I’m currently studying MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University where I’m learning everything about the world of publishing: design, marketing and editorial. I have a First Class MA in English and Comparative Literature from Glasgow Uni where I studied novels, poetry and plays for four whole years.

I’m a social media addict. If I’m not writing, I’ll be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engaging with fellow readers, my publishing cohort and old friends. I love meeting new people with similar interests and fangirl-ing over our favourite books. I’m the social media intern for the UK’s only indie women’s press: Linen Press. You can find me managing their Twitter with Fatima.

I co-founded Edinburgh Napier’s new Literary Society and I’m currently working on an exciting new wellbeing magazine, Turadh Magazine, with fellow publishing students. It is a lifestyle magazine with a focus on ethical living and mindfulness. I’m super excited to showcase the finished product. A lot of the wellbeing and lifestyle content that I was writing for The Fourth Month has now moved over there instead.

I’m a writer and I love writing blogs. I’m in the process of writing a new novel (it’s a long and very slow process but I’m getting there) and I’m also trying to edit my first novel for a re-publication. In the past, I’ve written articles for Ayrshire Magazine and two Young Adult Fantasy novels, which I self-published on Amazon.

Guest Bloggers

Zina Nouhas


The Fourth Month is very lucky to have the lovely Zina providing wonderful content for the site. She has written beauty and lifestyle blogs like 15 Ways To Manage and Love Your Natural Curls and The 10 Stages of Studying For Exams and Zina’s posts are some of the most popular blogs on the site. Zina is a student, lover of all things teen drama and you can find her writing about her favourite TV shows at Pure Fandom.

Karishma Roy


A recent graduate, Karishma is stepping into the adult world to work as a nurse. The internet is her escape from long and hectic days. Sometimes, she can be found researching and learning a variety of stuff that piques her interest and she has decided to document her findings on her newly started blog This Curious Girl. She is still working on it and you can expect her first post to be up in a couple weeks! Most times, she is content watching anime and reading manga. A massive “Otaku” at heart, Karishma also contributes to the site Japanator.com.

Please get in touch if you would like to write content for The Fourth Month.