10 things you should know before going to University

If you are heading to University soon, this post is for you! Starting university is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You might be looking forward to all the crazy new adventures you will face but at the same time, that fear of the unknown is inevitably growing.┬áDespite whatever is coming your way, this change … Continue reading 10 things you should know before going to University

March Reading Round Up

Another short round up as I simply haven't had time to read as much as I would like to. Although I'm proud that I've only fallen one book behind in my GoodReads challenge. In March, I read Girls Will Be Girls and Harry Potter and the Prisoner and Azkaban and I've made a good dent in All The Bright Places.

International Women’s Day: Books By Fierce Females

Honestly, I mostly only read books by women. It's never been an active decision but I love reading female voices and I studied gender issues a lot in my undergraduate degree so my bookshelves are filled with more or less exclusively female authors. However, for the sake of International Women's Day, I'm going to do a top ten of some of my personal favourite books by women.

February Reading Round Up

This February Reading Round Up blog will be short and sweet because I only managed to read a grand total of ONE book in February (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert on audiobook). My Read More, Worry Less philosophy has taken a back seat to University and work because I'm making a book and a magazine. I'm one book behind schedule in my GoodReads challenge but I'm confident I'll catch up in March.